A 22-year-old San Juan man was arrested by officers of the Eastern Division for selling fake jewellery.
The arrest took place during an anticrime exercise in Sangre Grande yesterday.
Officers of the Sangre Grande Criminal Investigations Department and Special Operations Unit, conducted the exercise between 4 pm and 6 pm, on August 11th.
According to police reports, during the exercise, officers observed a suspect who had advertised a pair of gold bracelets for sale via social media and was contacted by interested persons in the Sangre Grande district.

Upon meeting the victims, the suspect allowed them to test the authenticity of the bracelet at a jewellery store of their choice.

He then requested that the sale take place in the vicinity of the Sangre Grande Police Station.

However, before handing over the bracelets, he quickly exchanged the genuine pair with a pair of gold-coloured costume jewellery bracelets of similar design.

When he was approached by officers, it was discovered that the suspect had already hidden the genuine pair of bracelets in his slipper. He was arrested in connection with the incident.