Junia Regrello

Sascha Wilson

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello has slowed down wrecking, created more parking spaces, and is allowing street vending in San Fernando for Christmas.

Regrello disclosed this yesterday during the Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce’s (GSFCC) presentation of 100 tablets to students at R&M Plaza, High Street, San Fernando.

As part of the traffic management committee, he said GSFCC has been helping them find ways to make it more attractive and easy for people to shop in San Fernando

.He said, “One of the concessions we made is to allow parking on the whole of the promenade, the entire length of the promenade as well as opposite St Joseph Convent, that side street there.” He said they have also reduced the number of wreckers on the streets from three to one.

“We want to appeal to the public, please cooperate with us. We have relaxed the wrecking. Normally we have three wreckers, we have only one and that is really to work with people who are not following and adhering to the proper guidance and traffic regulations.” Addressing another troublesome issue around Christmas time that of street vending, he said they are allowing the vendors some flexibility. “We need to restrict and control it because at the end of the day vending is illegal. But, at the same time, some of the vendors have been vending for over 37 years as the case may be.” Noting that these are very difficult times, he said, “We cannot be insensitive until an ideal space has been identified we continue to be lenient and reasonable.”

The mayor said currently street vending is allowed three days per week, but as Christmas draws nearer those days would be increased.

However, he said the vendors would not be allowed to pitch stalls on the pavement or impede the free passageway.