Sherene Ali died after recovering from COVID-19

It was just five days ago that San Fernando mother Sherene Ali was singing praises to God for sparing her life from COVID-19.

But tragically, Ali lost that battle when she died on Wednesday night from a related complication.

In a Facebook post, Ali said, “If you survived COVID like myself, God was not ready for you yet. To those who have gone on to be with the Lord. There is no more pain or sorrow.”

There were speculations and social media reports that Ali, a member of the City of Destiny International (CODI), San Fernando Chapter, recovered from the virus, only to contract the Brazilian strain.

However, her daughter Shinnell Bissoon cleared the air in a Facebook post, saying that the virus had made Ali’s body too weak to deal with the lingering effects.

“She had COVID, but that did not kill her. She recovered and was full of energy, but COVID made her body too weak to handle medical complications that took her life. In fact, we were laughing and so happy that she survived. She was telling me how she was ok now to pray for other COVID patients to get better and heal. Sigh! Her death came so silently. I am not prepared. Unfortunately, it is what I am faced with now. She is all I have. Those who know me know that all I have is my mum. It is us against the world, and we have each other,” Bissoon said.

She described her mother as a “Supermum”, saying that she had no clue how Ali raised her as a single parent.

Bissoon asked those who knew her mother to go on her Facebook page and post a picture of her and themselves.

“Whatever memory and moment you guys had and shared together,I would love to see.”

There were dozens of condolences shared on Ali and Bissoon’s timeline.

CODI Bishop, Dr LL Spencer wrote, “My daughter, why did you leave us so soon? You called on Monday and asked me to send someone by your home to collect something. I did but did not know that would have been our last conversation. Sherene, you left us just too soon. You had just committed yourself to the worship team, and we sat and watched the joy you experienced when singing. Oh, we will miss you.”