Randy Less

Two residents of Santa Flora have been charged with assault and malicious damage following an altercation with a man on January 11.

Derrick Thomas, 53, was charged forwith assault occasioning

actual bodily harm and malicious damage while Randy Less, 34,

faces charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Both men of Jacob Settlement, appeared in the Siparia Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty.

They are due to reappear on February 11.

Police said around 5.45 am on the date of the reported incident, a man was at the victim’s home when they began to argue.

He allegedly began throwing bottles at the victim and hit him with a crow bar on his left forearm.

The other suspect then allegedly approached the victim and also dealt him a blow on his left forearm with a cutlass.

The first suspect allegedly threw a big stone at the victim’s vehicle causing damage to the left back fender.

The victim was taken to the Siparia Health Facility for medical attention.

The suspects were arrested and charged by PC Aguillera.