A Santa Flora man was robbed of his disability money and cell phone by a driver whom he had paid to take him to change his welfare cheque. 

Reports are that 54-year-old Neil Jones, of Santa Flora, boarded an AD Wagon vehicle around 3:15 pm on Tuesday, at the Fyzabad Taxi Stand in Siparia. 

Upon entering the front passenger seat, Jones recognised the driver whom he had known for over ten years. He reportedly told him he wanted to go by Sisto Shop in Fyzabad to change his disability cheque. The driver reportedly charged him $20 for the trip.

After he changed his cheque, Jones hired the driver to drop him home. When they got to the Fyzabad Branch Road, however, the driver drove instead into Red Stone Road, opposite a Petrotrin Well. The driver reportedly told Jones that he was going to drop something for someone. 

However, after driving for about 100 meters, the driver stopped the car and exited the vehicle.  He then walked across to the front passenger side and opened the door, and reportedly whipped out a knife and pressed it against Jones’ neck, threatening his life.

The driver then proceeded to rob Jones of $420 and his $700 Digicel cell phone, which were in his pants pocket.

The driver then left Jones in Red Stone Road where he had just robbed him, and drove off.

WPC Joseph is investigating.