Sargassum seaweed at Manzanilla and Mayaro beaches

Sargassum has once again taken over the shores of Manzanilla and Mayaro beaches as large masses of the seaweed covered the coastline.

Local Government representative for Manzanilla Councillor and Vice Chairman the of Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Kenwyn Phillip said he aware of the sargassum and said the amount seen far exceeds that from previous years.

He lamented that there is nothing which can be done at this time as the focus is on the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Guardian Media visited the east coast on Easter Sunday, the beaches were devoid of the customary long Easter weekend activities.

The beach houses and even the shorelines which are usually crowded with people were empty.

There was no one seen even walking along the beach as citizens appeared to have heeded the call by the prime minister and health officials to stay at home.

The only thing present was the seaweed, which in some areas along the coastline stacked as high as ten˚ inches.