T&T Supermarket Association workers wait for their Sinopharm vaccine at Center Pointe Mall during the public and private partnership with the T&T Supermarket Association.

The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) is further expanding its vaccination drive beyond its membership.

In a release yesterday, the association which has vaccinated, 13,000 frontline workers to date, including supermarket employees, distribution and supplier staffers, farmers, market vendors, and even the elderly, announced its invitation to all sectors of Trinidad and Tobago to submit their vaccine requests to SATT via [email protected]

Organisations or people accepting SATT’s invitation are asked to submit a name, phone number, email address, and the name of the organisation or one’s occupation, via a spreadsheet or indexed format.

After this process is done, the release stated an email response would be sent to have people complete the registration process online. They will subsequently receive their vaccine appointment information.

The release said it was in the national interest of the country reaching herd immunity that SATT has decided to expand on its vaccination drive.

The release said, “The SATT believes that the distribution of this global public good by the administration of life-saving injections is in the direct interest of all citizens of

T & T. The SATT cares about the restoration of the national fabric and will play an incremental role in returning the nation to a fulcrum of stability.”

The sectors SATT’s invitation has been extended to includes but are not limited to the following:

Supermarket /Retail



Food service sector




Farmers/Market Vendors

Religious groups

Non-governmental organisations

Public service