Naila Ramsaran

The Supermarket Association of T&T has called called off its boycott of Ramsaran’s Dairy Products.

The association had called on its members to boycott the company after a member of the family and employee Naila Ramsaran came under fire for comments she made on social media on the result of the General Election which were deemed to be racist.

Taking to Facebook, Ramsaran had compared supporters of the People’s National Movement (PNM) to “cockroaches” and “loafers” and said that the Government should put something in the water to stop them from procreating.In the hours that followed, however, Ramsaran was taken to task for her comments and there was a petition to boycott the product the company. This prompted the company to fire Ramsaran although she apologised. The company also apologised and distanced itself from her comments.

Several supermarket chains, including Massy Stores, Xtra Foods, Persad’s D Food King, JT Allum Group of Companies, TruValu Supermarket and West Bees Supermarket, had removed the company’s products from their shelves.

However, on Friday, the SATT called for the boycott it imposed to be lifted as it had revised its “principled stand” from a few days ago.“We take note that the company also issued a full repudiation of the same employee’s opinion as policy and also acknowledged that it has taken subsequent redress to have the matter amended,” SATT said in the release.“This included the dismissal of the employee in question as well as a full apology communicated via national press media.“In light of the actions taken by Ramsaran’s Dairy Products to redress this unfortunate situation, we are satisfied at this time to lift the boycott on Ramsaran’s Dairy Products.”