Supermarket Association President Rajiv Diptee.

The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) has launched the SATT Food Drive for Frontliners 2021 Edition.

In a statement, the Association said it recognides that prior to this state of emergency (SoE), frontliners at the Couva and Caura Health Facilities were in dire straits.

The parallel healthcare system currently, as well as the actual healthcare system, is extremely overwhelmed beyond belief.

The SATT said as the number of cases have risen and deaths climbed, frontliners have bravely and silently trudged on.

As such SATT supports an obligation to, once again, take care of their nutritional health as access to meals remain limited at this time.

The Supermarket Association said it, “acknowledges all staff at both Couva and Caura as frontliners, as the virus places no distinction on the recognition as such.

Therefore, as we launch our 3rd consecutive Food Drive during this period of the pandemic, 100 meals will be allocated daily to Couva—Caura to follow soon—very day for a minimum of three weeks.”

It added, “This giant gesture of service to our frontliners is made possible by our consistently supportive collaborators and sponsors including Nu Iron Unlimited, Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited, Scotiabank, S&S Persad Supermarkets and The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago.”

SATT said the nation’s frontliners represent our last line of defense.

“We urge our citizens to heed the call during this SoE to flatten the curve and give them a fighting chance. We will continue to commit to our Frontliners, as we consistently set the bar as standard bearers for Corporate Social Responsibility.”

This is the second initiative for frontline workers announced by SATT during the month of May.

Two weeks ago, the Association launched its’ Priority Access for Frontline staff, where essential personnel with institutional Identification (doctors, nurses and protective services) are given priority access at member stores to facilitate their shopping.