After heavy rainfall yesterday, areas in La Horquetta were flooded.

Derek Achong

Residents of the La Horquetta and Greenvale Park communities in Arima were thrown into high alert due to flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall yesterday.

Some residents, still emotionally and financially scared by devastating flooding which struck the communities in late 2018, took to social media yesterday afternoon as their water levels covering their streets begun to rise.

While by the time a news team from Guardian Media visited the areas, the water level had receded significantly, its short-lived presence had already been felt in the community with large numbers of residents being forced to removed water from their homes.

“Last time they said they would fix the drainage, this time is the same thing,” one resident said, as pointed to a hole in a wall at the side of her house which her family made to help drain flood-water that had collected inside.

The La Horquetta resident complained that while her area had experienced flooding somewhat comparable to Greenvale Park they were neglected in terms of rehabilitative works and compensation.

Another resident pointed out that even though she constructed steps in and out of her single-story home in an attempt to restrict water flow into her house, her home was still completely flooded.

The woman, who has a toddler, said she would have to make arrangements to temporarily relocate as her entire house had to now be sanitised.

While the news team from Guardian Media was on the scene, the People’s National Movement (PNM) candidate for La Horquetta/Talparo Foster Cummings was seen touring the area with his team.

While some residents were receptive of Cummings’ visit, others were not as they walked away and returned to their individual cleaning duties.

“Is only a set of promises. Vote me. Vote me,” an irate woman said before returning to her property.

In a brief interview, Cummings said that regional corporation staff were on their way to render assistance and that he would meet with the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure tomorrow to discuss possible long term solutions to the issue.

In a press release yesterday, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), under which both communities fall, denied reports that residents were being evacuated.

“We understand the nervousness you may experience once there is heavy rainfall but we wish to advise that the mitigation systems which were installed in your community are functioning as they should,” the release said.

It stated that the berm was preventing water from surrounding watercourses and the community and that pumps were removing water from the retention ponds.

“Water that would have gathered on some streets in Greenvale Park is quickly receding and poses no threat to life or property,” it said.

It also added that its emergency response team had been dispatched to assist residents of La Horquetta.