Adrian Scoon

Bavita Gopaulchan

Police have seized Adrian Scoon’s cellphone as the investigation into his Seaside Brunch event late last year takes another turn.

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Wendell Williams confirmed this at a press conference yesterday.

However, he said Scoon refuses to give police officers the device’s password preventing them from accessing information on it.

Williams said an application to compel Scoon to disclose the password has been signed off by Acting Police Commissioner, McDonald Jacob.

Officers have been investigating whether Scoon, the son of government minister Paula Gopee-Scoon, breached the public health regulations by hosting his event onboard the MV Ocean Pelican on December 26, 2021.

On January 5, 2022, police executed a search warrant at Scoon’s Maraval home looking for evidence including company documents and records.

Scoon’s attorney, Kiel Tacklalsingh, wrote a letter to Jacob, a copy of which was obtained by Guardian Media.

“We are unwilling to give blanket access to my client’s devices for police to conduct roving inquiry into private information and devices. You have not specified any specific document or information which you require and therefore we are unwilling to simply give you passwords to do as you wish,” according to the letter.

The letter went on, “I wish to remind you that the warrant authorizing you to seize my client’s devices is currently being challenged via judicial review proceeding and that those proceedings involve inter alia a challenge to: 1. the grant of the warrant; and 2. whether that warrant could have authorized the extraction of information from the seized electronic devices.”

Meanwhile, Williams revealed that there is now a second part to the investigation.

He, however, could not go into any further details.

“We’re taking up every aspect that presents itself as an allegation or suggestion of it in terms of an infraction of the law. For that reason, we have identified two streams of investigations in terms of persons actually on it and so head of the CID, Mr Chandool is handling one stream and the other stream is being handled by the western division basically the main or substantial in terms of what was found on the Ocean Pelican,” Williams said.

“The thing is we live in Trinidad and everything is heavily legalistic in terms of our system and so we have to cover several things less we expose ourselves when we get to the point of court,” he added.