SEA student hurt in home invasion


A 12-year-old boy and his parents were beaten during a home invasion this morning.

The youngster is due to sit the Secondary Entrance Examination (SEA), tomorrow.

Police said seven men invaded the family’s home in Palmyra around 3 am while they were asleep.

The boy’s father reportedly was beaten with cutlasses, while the child was struck on his face.

The man, his wife and their son were tied up and robbed of two television sets, two cell phones, a laptop, tablet, jewellery and $10,000.

The assailants then forced the man to open his business place, which is downstairs his home.

It is yet to be determine how much, if anything, was stolen from the business place.

Photos posted by a relative on social media show the father bleeding from his left ear with his hands bound, and a bruise to the child’s cheek.

The family sought medical treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Ste Madeleine police are investigating.