Sean Luke’s mother Pauline Lum Fai at her Orange Valley home, yesterday.

The mother of Sean Luke said yesterday the sentences imposed on the two men found guilty of killing her six-year-old son in 2006, has left her angry.

She said she was also angry because she feared the two would be released from prison and inflict the same anguish on another child and family.

Pauline Lum Fai, 58, said, “ I thought it would have made me feel good. It ent making me feel no good because it wrong. They suppose to lock them and throw away the key. They cannot do that because of human rights and human rights but Sean did not have any human rights and neither he family. They didn’t have any rights for we. But they got all the rights.”

Akeel Mitchell and Richard Chatoo, the duo who were teenagers at the time convicted of murdering six-year-old Sean not too far from his Orange Valley, Couva home, were given minimum sentences – which would see them serving 17 and a half and 11 and a half years respectively in prison.

Speaking at her home yesterday Lum Fai called for the death penalty to be the appropriate punishment for murderers in Trinidad and Tobago.

She said she was angry the two escaped the “hangman’’ and were not given life imprisonment for the gruesome murder of her child.

“Criminals have no fear of the most high God. They think that when they kill somebody they going and spend time, spend holiday inside of there (prison). They have to bring it back so they will think twice before they kill somebody. They will be afraid of the hangman.”

Sean Luke’s mother lamented that justice was not served.

“The judicial system rotten to the core. I am not pinpointing anybody in particular, it’s just that it had me suffering all these years, and you know something, I really don’t care anymore. I don’t care, I stop caring about lawyers, judges, magistrates, the court. I stop caring anymore, what kind of justice is that, you can’t bring back my child for me, it suck, it really suck.”

Lum Fai fears that the duo convicted of her son’s murder would be on their best behaviour in an effort to secure an early release from prison. As such she is sending a warning to all parents, to be on the alert.

“Look how they fighting to save their life nah?. My son was begging for his mummy, he was begging take me to meh mummy… them have a heart, these two of them have a heart…they have stone. They will come out and do it to somebody else child because they are perverted. They have no love in their hearts. They go want to play good in jail to come out. But woe to them, God waiting for them. They will get away from man’s rotten justice.”

She added, “Keep allyuh children inside, keep all yuh children to allyuh for safety sake!”

Lum Fai said she was not the only one who feels cheated by the sentencing, as she said the entire community feels the same way. She said had it not been for the attention surrounding the murder of Andrea Bharatt, her son’s case would still be dragging on.