Hunters’ Search and Rescue team member Ronnie Singh, left, pulls Ren Gopeesingh out of the Usine, Ste Madeleine pound yesterday, during the search for missing Kadijah Flament.

Under rainy conditions yesterday, relatives and volunteers trekked through muddy terrain and waded through the Usine Ste Madeleine pond as the search continued for missing Princes Town mother Kadijah Flament.

Although the Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team and Search and Rescue T&T joined the search, relatives were still left fearing the worse.

“I am pleading with anyone who knows something or see something to come forward so we could get closure with Kadijah body, please!” appealed Flament’s mother Anastasia in a Facebook Live before the start of the search.

Flament was last seen and heard from on June 7.

On that day, she left her Princes Town home, where she lives with her boyfriend Raymond Frederick, to visit her daughter, who had been staying with a friend Flament’s at Olera Heights, San Fernando.

The searches have been focussed along the Tasker Road area but yesterday, with the assistance of the search groups, they covered other areas, including the M2 Ring Road and Tortuga Road, Claxton Bay.

Drenched from searching the water on the outer edges of the pond, Hunters’ Search and Rescue Team’s Ren Gopeesingh said, “We had random search in different areas. We had a big turnout this morning with the two teams, together with the family members. We search a couple of areas well this morning and we search around the damp in the water and we looking to go to different locations now.”

He called on members of the public who may have information to reach out to him at 328-7170, the family or the police.

Since their involvement in the search for murder victim clerk Andrea Bharatt, he said they had been involved in 14 searches for missing people.

“We don’t work with a price but the family have to reach out to us,” he said.

Flament’s boyfriend Raymond Frederick said they are hurting and needed closure.

“We trying we best to find her. We want to find her because we want answers. We want to find her because we want this come to an end. We want closure with this, we want to find her because everybody hurting, everybody paining, everybody want answers. So that’s why we here. We doing our best and we will continue to do our best to find Kadijah, either she dead or alive, we want to find her.”

Grateful to the search groups for their assistance, Frederick said their lives have changed since her disappearance.

He said, “Life change for everybody because no one expect something like this.”

He was also satisfied with the police investigation thus far.

Meanwhile, police still have no information about Flament’s whereabouts. A woman who was detained last week in connection with her disappearance remains in police custody. Investigations are continuing.