Flashback: Justice Frank Seepersad greets members of the Marabella Presbyterian Church during mass at the church in the recent past.

Urging citizens not to let COVID-19 destroy their faith in God, High Court Judge Justice Frank Seepersad has called on citizens to use the virus as a stark reminder that everyone is equal.

Delivering his virtual Easter sermon, Justice Seepersad said COVID-19 does not discriminate because it has already infected people from all walks of life.

“ It is a reminder that regardless of our religion, social status or regional location, we are all equal, “ Seepersad said.

He noted that despite the economic impact of COVID-19, citizens should continue to be faithful.

“When we consider the global COVID statistics it is easy to become disillusioned and dismayed. However, we cannot allow COVID-19 to destroy our faith. We are taught that faith gives us confidence in what we hope for and assurance about that which we must do but cannot see. We are also taught that it is through testing and trials that our faith is strengthened, “ he said.

Seepersad also said the presence of the virus should be used as an opportunity to reassess, reorganize and reprioritize personal, national and international interactions.

Noting that COVID was an acronym for Christ Offers Victory in Disaster, Seepersad said one must remember that God is always in control.

“At this time, the possibility of economic instability, increased unemployment and potential loss of life, cannot be ignored. This pandemic has interwoven itself into the very fabric of our everyday life but yet the COVID crisis cannot compare to the daunting reality which confronted Jesus, that night in the garden of Gethsemane, “ Seepersad added.

He noted that throughout his difficulties, Christ never questioned God.

“Likewise, we must not lose faith or question, God. This virus does not discriminate and neither does the Risen Christ. Maybe God reasoned that we needed a reminder that all men are truly equal in his sight,” he said.

He added, “ COVID 19 reminds us that we are all interconnected and that borders of hate, divisiveness or national superiority are all meaningless and of no moment. This virus does not need a passport nor does it have an ethnic, political or cultural bias.”

He noted that many people were totally focused on the acquisition of material wealth.

“Now we are jolted with the reality that no one can purchase an exemption from affliction. This crisis has reinforced that our most important asset is the love and support of our family and friends and we cannot ignore the central message preached by Christ which focused on loving our neighbour as we love ourselves, “ he said.

He said even those obsessed with their jobs have been forced to become their brother’s keeper.

He noted that to win the war, everyone must dismiss divisiveness.

“We must have a commonality of purpose. Each of us has a role in this COVID army and we must steadfastly adhere to the mandate to stop the spread by staying home if we are to stay safe and save lives, “ he said.

He added that leaders must also show selfless service and that maintaining justice and independence were extremely important for the judiciary.

He noted that policies should be implemented to protect the disenfranchised since social distress can catalyze social chaos.

Finally, he said citizens should continue praying and utilize technology to spread the Gospel and remain faithful.

“As we navigate through the uncharted ‘Covid’ waters and adjust to the policies which have been and continue to be affected, it is hoped that we can, as a Republic, reset, refocus and recommit to the reformulation of a society which places greater focus on family, faith, fairness, friendship and forth rightness.

Seepersad added that through God and Christ there will be victory over disease, disaster and destruction.