Toddler, ROMELU AMANI DRAKES, reportedly drowned at a pool on his school compound on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

Akash Samaroo

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The Police Service expects to bring to a close the investigation into the death of two-year-old Romelu Drakes.

Romelu drowned in a pool at his speech therapy institution in Couva on March 16. He was laid to rest on Wednesday.

Senior Superintendent Curtis Simon told Guardian Media yesterday that Romelu’s case is a sensitive one involving two parallel investigations.

One into his drowning, the other is to ascertain whether or not COVID-19 regulations were violated by the operations of the institution.

The Senior Superintendent did not divulge any more details saying to speculate what charges could be laid would be to prejudice the case.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education is also conducting its own investigations. However, that probe seems to have hit a brick wall, or rather a locked gate.

“The MOE sent a team to visit the site on March 19 but it was locked up and no one answered calls. The School Supervision Division is actively seeking further information on what has been happening at this site, which is not registered and therefore should not be referred to as a school,” Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly said via text message.

The minister added that if no contact is made soon, the police may have to be called in.

“We will enlist the help of the police as the MOE does not have the capacity to fully investigate this matter, not the authority to question civilians. Any organisation which purports to operate as a school is required to be registered with the ministry. If it is not, it is in contravention of the Education Act, and the owners would be committing an offence. This would be a matter for police investigation,” she said.

Romelu, who would have turned three on April 23, this year, was dropped off at his school on March 16 by relatives.

However, when they returned around noon to pick him up, they met the staff trying to resuscitate him.

The child reportedly had fallen into a pool on the premises. Romelu’s relatives reportedly rushed him to a health facility but it was too late.