Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

An acting Prison Supervisor, with 30 years of service, was up to late yesterday in police custody assisting them in their investigations after he was held attempting to smuggle contraband into the Golden Grove Remand Yard.

Police said the officer was found with 9,000 individual cigarettes, 350 packets of hemp, 10 bottles of alcohol, and 40 cell phones, chargers, headsets and lighters.

The officer, according to police, was held on Tuesday afternoon during a police operation led by Inspector Pitt and Sgt Pamphille, who both acted on intelligence.

The police officers intercepted the prison officer’s vehicle along the Golden Grove Road in the vicinity of the Remand Yard prison where he was about to pick up duty.

The officer’s car was searched and the items found.

When contacted last evening the acting Commissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan said that there is a zero tolerance with respect to officers smuggling contrabands and when they are held they will “feel the full brunt of the law.”

“We continue to do searches because it goes against everything we believe in in the prisons service so trafficking really goes against the rehabilitation programs that we have in the prisons. While we are here trying to persuade some of the inmates to refrain from doing drugs there may be others who will try to bring it in. We have a strict policy and we are doing constant searches and any officer found trafficking will feel the full brunt of the law…No mercy will be meted out to them,” Pulchan said.

PC Maharaj is continuing inquiries.