A man jumps onto a passing truck as he tries to hitch a ride out of flood waters along Penal Rock Road, Penal, yesterday.

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Hundreds of residents in the Penal area were affected with at least two families being evaluated after widespread flooding in several communities.

With more rain expected, coupled with the run-off from other areas and high tide, residents and officials are bracing for more flooding today.

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government issued an alert on Facebook advising that the Penal Rock Road near the Penal Rock Hindu School to Goodman Trace were impassible to cars and low vans. The health centre was also closed due to rising flood waters.

However, Penal Debe Regional Corporation chairman Dr Allen Sammy said there several areas were impassible even by high vehicles, leaving several residents marooned.

Sammy said, “A lot of people are living under severe stress tonight. A few people said the flooding was the worst they and seen in several years, we are taking going back to Hurricane Bret.”

He said the Disaster Management Unit is waiting for the water to subside to go into the communities to do their assessments.

He was advised that two families assisted in the evacuation of two families in the Rochard Road, Satnarine Trace after floods rose to high levels at their residences.

While the rain stopped in Penal, he said showers continued to fall in Princes Town and other areas.

“As a result, the Curamata River which is basically fed by the Southern range has overflown its banks in several areas. Many houses have been invaded by water, in spite of sandbags, he added.

While the corporation had not received any urgent calls for evacuation up to 8.30 pm, he said their emergency response team including their two dingy operators are on alert. Residents are being advised to call the corporation at 800 – PDRC (7372) if they need assistance.