Citizens who have been convicted of sex crimes beyond Trinidad and Tobago’s jurisdiction will not be spared public scrutiny.

This country’s Sexual Offenders Registry will also list the information of persons who have been convicted of sexual crimes in other countries.

During the Police Service’s weekly media briefing on Wednesday, the Public Information Officer, Acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar said Trinidad and Tobago will be working with Interpol to keep abreast of sexual offenders.

“Our Interpol section in the service, they will have that liaison with Police Services from other regions and once that information is given to us then we are going to put that on our register”

On Monday the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal affairs issued a statement saying that from January 31st, information on sexual offenders including their names addresses, photographs and the offences committed can be shown on an online website for the public to access.

Victims can also now seek compensation from their attackers following the crime.

Meanwhile, the TTPS is advising party goers to keep their eyes on their drinks and be mindful of their alcohol intake during the carnival season.

Inspector Wayne Stanley said date rape drugs are commonly being used at parties.

He said, “Partygoers should be mindful of involuntary induced illicit drugs one such common drug is the Rohypnol also referred to as roofies or the date rape drug which is a sedative often given to unsuspecting victims before they are assaulted”

He has advised party-goers to look out for one another and if it is suspected that someone has been drugged to monitor their state of consciousness and take them to the nearest Emergency Department for treatment.