PNM Tobago West candidate Shamfa Cudjoe shows her finger after voting at the Montgomery Government Primary School on Monday.


Shamfa Cudjoe, the People’s National Movement candidate for Tobago West says she is “pleased” with the COVID-19 protocols at the Montgomery Government Primary School, where she voted.

Speaking with reporters just after exercising her franchise, Cudjoe said she is “comfortable” with the measures put in place, at the polling station, in keeping with Government’s rules and regulations to slow the spread of the virus.

“I saw them sanitizee the pen and stamp every time it was used. They are on the ball with sanitation, so I am pretty pleased about that.”

PNM Tobago West candidate Shamfa Cudjoe says the voting process went smoothly.

Asked what the voting process was like, she said it was “smooth”.

“It was quite comfortable… I did not get any hiccups, now I will move on to the other polling stations. I feel confident the EBC (Election and Boundaries Commission) has job it’s work and is prepared to carry out the exercise in a very fair manner.”

Asked too what she had heard about voter turnout in the Tobago West constituency, she said some areas “were faster” than others.

She said what impressed her was the number of first- time voters.

“We got news that a lot of them have come out early, from as early as 6-7 o’clock, so I am really excited about that.”

Cudjoe told reporters she is “excited” the election campaign is over.