Mariano Browne.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) candidate for Tobago West Shamfa Cudjoe says she is “unbothered” by the Non-Aligned Tobago Politicians’ support for the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

On Wednesday, a group of former politicians who served in the Tobago House of Assembly and Parliament held a news conference at the Blue Crab Restaurant, Scarborough, endorsing the PDP.

Most of the veterans had opposed the PNM over the years.

Commenting on their actions on Thursday evening, Cudjoe said their support would have little effect on the electorate.

“I know they have expressed support for the PDP. It is sad when your hate for the PNM is greater than your love for Tobago. At the end of the day, Tobagonians need to choose Tobago first,” she told Guardian Media as she walked the Sou Sou lands community.

She said the electorate would not heed the former politicians call to vote for the PDP.

“I don’t think that (their call) will affect the Tobago electorate. This group of older politicians, who all of a sudden have now found their voice…I think they know the (PDP) is not the best option for Tobago,” she added.

The PNM Tobago West representative, who is seeking a second term to represent the area, expressed confidence in retaining the seat.

“For the most part, the reception on the grounds has been good…the people are rolling with the PNM. I feel at the end of the day the support will be resounding for the PNM,” she said.

The group of former politicians comprises of assemblymen Dr Jeff Davidson, George Stanley Beard, Max James, Carlyle Dick, Cecile Caruth, Regis Caruth, and former parliamentarian Pamela Nicholson.

James is the only person who has ever openly supported the PNM.

The former politicians bemoaned the status of the Tobago Autonomy Bill, pointing out that the PNM had promised to deliver it during the 2015-2020 period.

They also pointed to the negative Auditor General’s reports on the THA audited financial statements.

In a release, the PNM lambasted the group calling them “failed politicians” who were asleep for 20 years and in a coma for five.