David Lee, Pointe-a-Pierre MP

Overtures have been made by UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to some rejected UNC incumbents who might be brought into a future UNC Government via the Senate or otherwise, UNC deputy leader David Lee has said.

Lee made the point yesterday when asked by Guardian Media about the sadness, anger and concern by constituents in some areas where MPs had been removed.

This included in the constituencies held by Ramona Ramdial, Fazal Karim, Bhoe Tewarie and Christine Newallo-Hosein.

A group calling itself “UNC Cabal” has also been raising concerns about some new candidates.

Lee said, “The leader always said she would marry experience with youth and some of those MPs who did not get back their seat, there have been overtures made, the leader reached out to them and some might be returning either via the Senate or other capacities. It’s not that they don’t have a role to play with the UNC Government.”

He added: “They have a major role to play. We recognise that for the last five years all 18 MPs fought on behalf of the Opposition…for example Dr Tewarie —even though he’s still young at over 70, by bringing him back via the Senate he’ll have a more pivotal role and spend more time in seeking to turn the country around than have to work to run a constituency.”

“The role of an MP is heavy and if you have to serve in Government and be an MP the double responsibilities are huge,” he said.

Lee added that was the reason for placing some “young educated people like Arnold Ram (who replaced Tewarie in Caroni Central) in seats.”

He said Ram was 37 years and lives in the constituency.

Lee added, “This is not the end of the line for them (MPs), the leader told them —including Karim—they will play a role in the next UNC Government. She is a caring leader and will take care of all MPs.”