A shooting incident which left one unidentified man dead forced two Cunupia schools—Jerningham Government Primary School and Cunupia Secondary School—to revert to online schooling rather than in-person teaching, on Tuesday March 15th.

According to a police report, at about 6:50 am on Tuesday, a man in a silver Nissan B15 pulled up near the Cunupia School and while he was turning his car around, a blue Yaris drove up on him.  Several men ran out towards the B15 and reportedly began shooting at the driver.

The men then returned to their vehicle and sped off.

The security officers from the school checked on the driver, who was motionless.

The security officers told police that they noticed the victim as he had come by the school earlier, at about 5:20 am, asking for a woman named “Melissa” and enquired whether she worked there.

Police officers were called in to the scene and the area cordoned off.

An official at the Ministry of Education, who wished to remain anonymous, told Guardian Media that pupils and teachers arriving early to attend school were allowed on the school’s compound.  However, a decision was made to send the children back home.  The Ministry reportedly instructed that online classes be initiated for the day instead of physical classes.

Investigations are ongoing.