Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has unearthed yet another plot to kill Commissioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith, this time involving eight Venezuelan nationals who were expected to arrive in Trinidad on Wednesday night.

According to a confidential report attained by Guardian Media, the individuals, believed to be ex-military personnel of the Venezuelan government, are reportedly be brought into the country under the command of a well-known community activist and alleged gang leader in the Port-of-Spain area. Intelligence also indicates that the men are under the leadership of a Venezuelan OCG leader who is currently serving a five-year sentence in the T&T prison system.

It is believed that the ex-military personnel are being brought into the country to assassinate Griffith and a Special Operations Response Team (SORT) officer, who was allegedly part of the team that was involved in the police-involved shooting of Rasta City OCG member Akini “Dole” Adams on July 26, 2019.

“The planned method of attack is by Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG),” the report stated.

The Sunday Guardian also reported another threat against Griffith, SORT officers and ASP Roger Alexander was being investigated. However, intelligence indicated Alexander was not a target in the second assassination plot.

Since the discovery of the second plot, the SIU has made several recommendations, including communication with Griffith directly informing him of the threat to his life and that duty of care should be carried out on Special Operations Response Team officers residing in the Western Division.

Police stations located near coastal areas are now on high alert over the possible influx of illegal Spanish-speaking immigrants at known illegal ports of entry.

The T&T Coast Guard is also said to be on alert to pay special attention to vessels that may be transporting illegal Spanish immigrants, with a focus on those with military training or bearing or sporting tattoos that identify them as gang-affiliated.

The Port-of-Spain Divisional Commander has since been instructed that patrols be briefed of the information at hand and to ensure special attention is paid to the activities of the named alleged gang leader in the SIU report.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Griffith said he is aware of the latest threat.

“The day that these criminal cartels do not want me dead, it is only then that I would be concerned as it means that I am not seen as a threat to them,” Griffith said.