Tabeel Arthur from Signal Hill Secondary School has made it on CAPE Merit List. The vice principal of the school has called on more parents to support their children to ensure success.

Three students from the Signal Hill Secondary School are on the 2020 Caribbean Examination Council(CXC)- Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination(CAPE) Merit List.

They are Tabeel Arthur, Mathew Murray, and Rae Ann Wright for excelling in Building Mechanical Engineering and Drawing(BMED).

But despite their achievements, the school’s vice-principal Wendy Baptiste-Henry said more students deserve to be on the list. However, they do not have “sufficient parental support.”

“What we are seeing are pockets of brilliance when what we should be seeing is an ocean of brilliance. So many more children could have done better if only their parents pushed them to excel,” said Baptiste-Henry.

She added, “You would be amazed at the number of times we tell parents that the children have not done their homework or have the potential to do better if they are pushed, and the parents often tell us that the children do not want to do more.”

The vice-principal said the school has a programme structure “almost guaranteed” to help students reach their full potential.

“ We have wonderful systems in place. We have wonderful guidance, wonderful teachers, and many offerings to guide the students.”

However, she pointed out the parents allow the children to decide whether they want to do the required work.

“ If only there is parental support. We see some children who have potential but are not focused. Our programmes are designed to get them to the required place if their parents come on board. We know that the children whose parents show interest in their work are those who excel.”

The vice-principal mentioned Wright, who told Guardian Media on Wednesday, her parents were instrumental in her success.

Another student on the Merit List, who attends the school, echoed similar sentiments.

Tabeel Arthur, 19, told Guardian Media, God, her parents, and teachers were her driving force.

“My parents, Terry and Hannah Arthur, always encouraged me to do well. They were always there, guiding and pushing me. They were my strength,” she said during the telephone interview.

She also said her teacher Stacie Abraham also played a crucial role in her success.

“ Miss won’t allow us to give up. She was always there pushing us and showing us what we were capable of doing..”

Tabeel encourages young people to stay focused, work hard and follow their dreams. She wants to pursue a career as an illustrator.