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The employee from Signature Shoes at the C3 branch, who tested positive for COVID-19 was not at work for two weeks, store owner Naim Khan disclosed yesterday.

He was dispelling rumours that the employee had been picked up via an ambulance on Monday, prompting the closure of the store.

Khan said much of the information circulating was fake news.

“She was self-isolated for 14 days and was not at our store. All COVID-19 protocols are being followed. The store was properly sanitized on Monday and we resumed operations,” Khan said.

He said they could not divulge any details about the employee because of patient confidentiality.

However, he said there were three employees attached to the branch.

In a statement issued to customers, Signature Shoes assured that it will continue to take all precautions to safeguard employees and customers. The company appealed to the public to continue to wear masks and continue social distancing.

Meanwhile three other stores at the C-3 Centre which was named as having COVID-19 positive cases continued to operate as usual. Officials at the stores denied that any of their employees had contracted the virus saying the information being spread was inaccurate.