The spot where Coast Guard Officer Joel Baron was killed on the Couva Main Road, Balmain, Couva.

Two days after motorcyclist Joel Baron lost his life along the Balmain Main Road, reportedly due to a pothole. The Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) patched it up.

On Wednesday, just after 8 pm police reports indicated that Baron, a Coast Guard Officer and a friend were heading east along the main road in the vicinity of Premium Quality Meats when the wheel of his bike dropped into a hole on the northern side of the road.

He lost control of the bike and slammed into a wall a few meters away. He was thrown from the bike and landed on the pavement.

He died at the scene.

But Minister Rohan Sinanan said they received no report stating that Baron’s death was caused by the pothole but said as a preventive measure they repaired it on Friday. The Minister said the depression in the area of the accident was caused by an apparent Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) connection but the road falls under MOWT’s purview.

Meanwhile, President of Arrive Alive Sharon Inglefield said the State has a responsibility to keep the country’s road’s safe and whether speeding or not, no one should lose their life because of poor road conditions.

“We don’t want them paying the ultimate price because our roadways are not well maintained, “she said

“That means maintaining those pedestrian crossings with rails and lighting and proper signage as well as fixing out potholes… We should have no potholes in 2021,” Inglefield added.

She said it’s very important that WASA works in tandem with the MOWT, and managers and supervisors be audited for maintenance work.

But for this week alone three people lost their lives in road accidents. It’s a concerning number for Road Safety Coordinator of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Sgt Brent Batson who said that even with consistent road traffic enforcement exercises, road users continue to take unnecessary chances with their lives and unfortunately the lives of others.