Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan at a public meeting in Tunapuna Wednesday night.

Lopinot/Bon Air West candidate Marvin Gonzales will teach Independent Liberal Party candidate Jack Warner what it feels like to lose his $5,000 deposit in that seat in the General Election.

PNM campaign manager Rohan Sinanan issued the challenge at last night’s People’s National Movement Tunapuna meeting.

“Marvin will teach Austin Jack Warner what it feels like to lose his deposit in Monday’s election,” Sinanan said.

“Marvin, we won’t accept anything less from you, save that you ensure Warner’s $5,000 deposit and his contribution to contest the seat remains in the Treasury.”

Sinanan said Monday’s election is one of the most critical anyone in Trinidad and Tobago will ever participate in.

“It’s about who will keep you alive and safe and after COVID, who will ensure we have a future to look forward to,” Sinanan.

“Other people have plans and manifestoes they change overnight. They talk about domes to protect you from COVID but then they say ‘Leh we change that’. It shows they make up their plans as they go along.

“I speak to everyone beyond this meeting – this election is not about voting traditionally if your father never voted PNM. In this election, you have to vote for yourself and your children’s future.’’

Sinanan asked people to think of jobs to come from projects handed over in Moruga and other sites and jobs to come in Toco, the La Brea dry docking facility and Tobago with a maritime plan. He said there were so many plans to speak about he couldn’t do it at the meeting, as the length of time it might take “… would be a seven night’s Ramayan.”

Lopinot candidate Gonzales earlier revealed he’d been a police officer and a member of the Special Anti Crime Unit which had reduced crime levels – but it was dismantled by the People’s Partnership administration. He said the UNC’s initial Lopinot candidate had been an employee of Warner who’d entered the race after that candidate was replaced.

Gonzales said Warner’s entry to the race was a mark of disrespect to the youth since he claimed Warner’s name had been called in “all kinds of scandals”, but he (Gonzales) said he would stand for morality in public life.

Among attendees at the meeting was former PNM Tunapuna MP Eddie Hart.

Sinanan, lauding Tunapuna candidate Esmond Forde – a onetime councillor for the area – said someone from the constituency had to represent residents.

“You can’t parachute in and represent us,’’ he said.

Sinanan said St Augustine candidate Renuka Sagramsingh-Sooklal was also another PNM success story, since she’d indicated since 2015 she was interested in politics.