FLASHBACK December 2021: Indra Beharry assists her son Marcus Bruce recover personal items from his home that was destroyed by a landslide a few days before Christmas Day on Moruga Road, Cachipe Village, Moruga.

With financial assistance from two good samaritans and materials he salvaged after his home was destroyed by a landslip, a single father is working hard to have a “home” ready in time for his son’s birthday on Thursday.

While the wooden structure would be incomplete and without a water and electricity supply, Marcus Bruce says they will be more comfortable than their current situation.

Bruce, a self-employed construction worker, has been staying at his relative’s house with his two sons ages two and four since a landslip destroyed their home at Moruga Road, Cachipe Village, mere days before Christmas.

However, they have been sleeping on a mattress in the hall as space is an issue.

He found a spot to build not far from his house and has been using materials he salvaged from his home to rebuild.

The home of his sister, which was in front of his, also crumbled.

His sister, Kimberly Bruce, and her two children ages 16 months and seven years are saying by their mother, but she also need help to rebuild. Kimberly who is unemployed suffered a miscarriage days after their homes were destroyed.

When contacted yesterday, Bruce was on his way to purchase material with the money he received from the two people.

“I don’t know how far it would reach but I still thankful for what I get,” said Bruce. He is hoping to complete at least one room before his son’s fifth birthday on Thursday so they could move into the house to be a “bit more comfortable.”

His older son’s tablet was also destroyed during the incident. As a result, he said his son is unable to do online classes.

Meanwhile, the landslip is also threatening the homes of two other families as well as two parlours. Celia Louban who lives with her husband and four children is worried that her home will be next to go.

She said when the land began caving ten months ago she reported it to the authorities, but nothing was done.

“Since it started to move it just drop in a sink and just continue. The more the rain falls, the more it just continue sinking. The tank stand went three or four months ago…The walls inside the house started to crack and outside the toilet started to crack,” she told Guardian Media.

Another resident Lynette Cooper, 58, who also runs a parlour along the Moruga Road is concerned that her business which is her only means of income will be destroyed.

When Guardian Media reached out to the Ministry of Works and Transport, an official said the matter is being investigated.

Anyone willing to assist the families could contact 360-8339.