Amina Ali, left, airs her flood soaked laundry in front her home on Sunday. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

The Siparia Regional Corporation (SRC) says it is strapped for funds to assist last weekend’s flood victims and quarantined COVID-19 patients. 

Shankar Teelucksingh, the local government representative for Cedros on the Siparia Regional Corporation, admitted the SRC has no funds to purchase anything.

“We cannot give a mattress or a tarpaulin to the people who were hit by floods over the weekend,” he revealed to Guardian Media.

“The government has now come on Monday to allow hardware stores to open in the flood-stricken regions when they should have done that over the weekend. This reactive approach just isn’t working; residents need more time to fix their place. With construction stopped, who is going to fix it? Would tradesmen be allowed to work at the homes of people? Hardware stores should remain open all week,” he said.

The Cedros councillor painted a grim picture of those affected by the pandemic.

“We have no funds to purchase hampers to assist persons who have to be quarantined at home for COVID-19. I am purchasing out of my pocket to help, but how much will this do? People are still waiting on relief from the Ministry of Social Development since the last time their homes were flooded out and they have gotten nothing.”

Teelucksingh added: “We also have no releases from Central Government to repair heavy equipment. We have one excavator and five backhoes that have to repaired. If they are not repaired, we cannot do the maintenance work to ensure flooding is controlled.” 

Residents of Cedros, Icacos and surrounding communities spent most of the weekend cleaning up after Saturday’s deluge. Hardest hit were the residents who live next to a storm drain between Manmohansingh Street and Perseverance Trace.

Dale Ali, along with his wife, Darling Jagroop, told Guardian Media this was the fourth time the area was hit by severe floods in the last year. Jagroop said most of her appliances were damaged in the last flood and they are yet to get any assistance from the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, Amina Ali and her husband Ashook Ali had their clothes and furniture soaked when their house was flooded.

Cindy Ali said some residents had to take sand from the beach in order to make sandbags.

Another resident, Rosa Ali, believes the storm drain that takes water out from the community and into the sea was poorly constructed by the Ministry of Works back in 2017-2018.