Rachael Logan, hacked to death by a relative in Siparia.

A rocky relationship filled with making up and breaking up ended tragically on Thursday night when Rachael Logan-Byfield was hacked to death.

After realising what he had done, police officers said Logan-Byfield’s killer, a Jamaican national who worked as a security guard, was found hiding in nearby bushes with rope and a cutlass at his feet.

They said when he was held he was just moments away from ending his own life.

But the incident was even more traumatising for the 46-year-old’s sons, ages 10 and 27, who discovered her mutilated corpse in a bedroom of her Quarry Village, Siparia home.

Investigators believe that Logan-Byfield and her killer had an argument on Thursday night in which she accused him of infidelity. Their argument turned violent and her killer hacked her to death with a cutlass. He then ran into the bushes where he hid and contemplated taking his life.

Logan-Byfield’s father, Francis Sinanan said that up to last August she and her killer had an argument and he was thrown out the house. But by September they made up and he returned to the home they were building together.

Sinanan described the relationship as “bad living” although her killer was a hardworking and quiet person. He said they were both good people and he also treated her children well.

However, he said jealousy caused problems for them.

“You know when you’re in love, there is a little jealousy when you see people talk and you don’t know who it is, you would not find out who it is. You done swell up, you’re vexed. You don’t know if it is a relative or a friend (the person is talking to),” Sinanan said.

Asked whether his daughter was ever physically abused, Sinanan said: “Well they always had their little ups and downs. Breaking up and making up. Nobody was expecting this to happen.”

Sinanan said he spoke to the killer a while back and told him that if he and Logan-Byfield could not get along, he should find a place to rent or return to Jamaica.

Police will be questioning the suspect and charges are expected to be laid soon.