Keithisha Cudjoe

In the days leading up to her disappearance Keithisha Cudjoe, 21, confided in her sister telling her that she was being abused, beaten and stalked by a friend.

When she went missing last week Monday, Cudjoe was supposed to meet with someone to sign a contract for an apartment and never met with the person, which sparked suspicions among her family and friends that something dreadful had happened to her.

Yesterday Cudjoe’s sister Roxanne disclosed that her sister’s body was found badly decomposed especially in the face and private areas.

“I don’t know how to feel. I studying her and the things she went through and how she was feeling. She was missing the Monday, and they find the body the Friday. The police said most likely she died the Monday or Tuesday night. But people saying she was last seen in Cocorite on the Monday night,” Roxanne said.

She claimed that people heard screams and cries.

“But they never did anything. They never called the police. I’m just thinking how my sister cried and no one came to help her.”

Roxanne said she last heard from Cudjoe about two weeks ago.

Cudjoe was the second of three children.

Her mother was said to be very distraught and not doing well since the news broke of her death.

Roxanne described Cudjoe as caring.

“She could have her last and would still give you.”

Roxanne also disclosed that she only knew of her sister going missing last week Thursday and found it strange that they were told by police that a missing person’s report was made at the Maracas/St Joseph Police Station.

“My sister living in Cocorite so who made this report in Maracas St Joseph? It’s too many questions. Why was it made quite up there? Up to now we don’t know,” Roxanne said.

Asked if she thinks the family will get justice, Roxanne replied: “You does ever get justice? What am I supposed to think? Up to now we don’t know what went on and it’s only Thursday when everyone catch themselves and they realize she missing.”

Roxanne is urging young women to be vigilant and walk with something to defend themselves if needs be.

“Be safe and watch your surroundings even if you have to walk with a sharp object to defend yourself, do it. It not making any sense. It have nobody out here to help you, you have to help yourself and try as much as you can to be safe out here.”

One of Cudjoe’s cousins who also spoke to the Guardian Media said he doesn’t want Cudjoe’s death to be like another young lady who lost her life.

“I can see it as an open and shut case, I have no faith in the justice system right now. None. But I am pleading for it to be resolved. She is a little girl whose life was cut short.”

The cousin admitted that he heard of Cudjoe’s disappearance but did not take it on until he got news of her death.

“She grew up here and it was all well and good and then she moved out so you wasn’t seeing her. Then I saw it on the news and they say your cousin missing, and I was like, missing? Then I saw the little posts on Facebook and thing. But it didn’t hit me until they said she died. And then it hit home, you hearing things in society, young women being kidnapped and all that and you’re feeling it but not as much as when it’s in your house per se. So now, when I’m hearing it, it’s my cousin found in Aripo, it wasn’t an easy thing to digest.”

He said he will always remember his cousin as “very light-spirited, a happy young lady, very positive and that she was trying to motivate herself.”

“She wasn’t as fortunate as others to grow up in a well put home but she wanted to make the best of what she had. She tried to keep her head on, had a little job, and she was working. I didn’t even know she had a child but she was free-spirited and never disrespectful.”