Police visit Beetham Gardens yesterday in the area where a boxing match was held on Sunday night and where officers were allegedly shot at.

Police arrested six people in Sea Lots on Sunday night following a street boxing competition.

A police report stated that officers of the Port-of-Spain Task Force received intelligence of a ‘boxing match’ which was being held in the community.

When officers arrived on the scene around 7.30 pm they saw a group of men gathered along Concession Drive, Sea Lots.

They attempted to detain the group but gunshots rang out and the group dispersed.

The officers, unaware of the direction from which the gunshots were coming, took cover.

Some of the men opened fire in the air.

The officers then saw a man dressed in dark clothing a short distance away holding a firearm.

The man allegedly pointed the gun at the officers and opened fire, before running away.

The officers returned fire and pursued the suspect who escaped.

Police said six people were arrested for breaching the Public Health


The statement said the officers saw a large crowd gathered to witness a boxing match and informed members of the crowd, many of whom were not wearing face masks or practicing social distancing, that they were in breach of the Public Health Regulations.

The exercise was coordinated by ACP Gaffar, Snr Supt Terrance Nobbee, Supt Kisoonlal, ASP Walker and ASP Sooker and supervised by Cpl Huggins and W/Cpl Fernando.