Residents of Sixth Company Village, New Grant, hold up placards in protest over deplorable road conditions and the lack of water yesterday.

Several areas at Sixth Company Village, New Grant, were blocked with burning debris yesterday, as residents vented their frustration over bad roads and lack of water in their community via protests.

“We are asking for the relevant authorities to step in and do what needs to be done for our roads, otherwise this action will continue throughout the week. We will continue to protest until we are given better roads,” resident Natasha Piper said.

She complained that at least three houses are on the verge of collapse due to a landslip.

“We’re calling on those in authority and we are asking for them to come in and do what is necessary to fix such problems in our community,” she requested.

Piper recalled that four years ago they staged a massive protest over the same issue and promises were made but they were never fulfilled.

“In 2018 we had a massive protest that resulted in fire brigade coming, hosing an elderly citizen with the fire hose… her eyes still damaged. We had then-MP Dr Lovell Francis come in with an entourage of Cabinet ministers and made promises that none was fulfilled. So we are here again four years later,” she complained.

Noting that the area is in a PNM stronghold, Piper said, “We continue to put our votes in all the wrong places and we asking for a response now and for action.”

She is requesting that representatives from the relevant authorities visit the community and assess what needs to be done and let residents know how soon work will commence.

“And, please do not make the promises Dr Lovell made. Come new, come fresh and come constructive, doing things and getting things done,” she added.

Noting that unemployment is also an issue, she said, “If they seek to fix the roads and the landslide, employment will be generated through such ventures.”

She also complained that sometimes they get a water supply only once a week.

“This is dry season so that is a big issue right now. When you have the rainfall you survive better but right now sometimes once for the week you get water,” she lamented.

Pensioner Trevor Cummings, 72, said a landslip opposite his house, which has been in existence for 20 years, is now posing a danger to his home.

For the past year, he said cracks have been appearing on the walls of his home.

“When them ten-wheeler pass here I feeling the vibration in my house. I am a pensioner, I can’t build no house again. Whoever in authority try and come in Sixth Company and see what going on with Sixth Company here,” he complained.

Cummings said residents are frustrated that no one seems to care.

“We come like we forgotten. Anywhere you swing to come in Sixth Company is bad road and nobody like they ent care about Sixth Company. You talk to the corporation, they tell you they ent get no funds. The Ministry of Works, they tell you this is a corporation road and this is the problem we having for years,” he explained.

Taxi driver Dale Alleyne complained that the last time the road was paved was about ten or 12 years ago.

He said he has spent a lot of money on car parts.

“Watch how my car mashing up. My car is a HDP. It running like if it’s an old car. This road need to fix. My vehicle cradle bushing mashing up in that right through, axle everything shaking up, the road real bad,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin said the residents are frustrated.

“This community is a PNM stronghold in the constituency of Moruga/Tableland, so much so we would have had the Finance Minister visiting here in 2019 giving several undertakings to the community and to date nothing has been done,” she said.

Commenting on the fire service being delayed due to bad roads as they responded to a house fire in Princes Town on Sunday, in which an elderly coupled perished, Benjamin said, “That same fate could befall my residents if nothing is done by the relevant authority. As you could see, we have massive landslips that a fire truck cannot pass. Should a fire happen in this community today a fire truck cannot pass. Right where we are standing these houses, God forbid, would be destroyed.”