Hunters’ Search and Rescue team member Ronnie Singh, left, pulls Ren Gopeesingh out of the Usine, Ste Madeleine pound yesterday, during the search for missing Kadijah Flament.

Charred skeletal remains found in a dumpsite in Reform Village last Thursday and Saturday were transferred to the Forensic Science Centre yesterday for an analyst to examine.

Homicide investigators said that this week, the centre would determine whether it can extract DNA from the remains. If it can, investigators will approach the family of Princes Town mother Kadijah Flament, who went missing on June 7.

Flament’s mother, Anastasia, said the search continues for her daughter with the family being aided by hunting groups carrying out exhaustive checks in the cane fields of Ste Madeline, the agricultural lands in Reform Village and the bushes around the Princes Town Cemetery.

Anastasia did not go out yesterday as her younger daughter had an examination but plans to return today.

Meanwhile, the suspect in Flament’s disappearance remained under evaluation at St Ann’s Hospital following an episode at her apartment in Olera Heights, San Fernando, last week. The suspect was under home quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 but was under police guard. On Friday, an ambulance took her to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Two weeks ago, Flament, 24, left her home at Lothian’s Road, Princes Town, to visit her eight-year-old daughter, who lived with a friend at Olera Heights. However, she never returned home, and her boyfriend Raymond Frederick reported her missing to her family after calls to her phone went unanswered.

Her mother, Anastasia called Flament’s phone around the 9 pm curfew, and she answered, saying she was in Port-of-Spain liming with a friend. However, Anastasia said that the call lasted five seconds, and she got WhatsApp messages.

On June 10, Flament’s aunt, Anita, reported her missing to Princes Town police. Investigators also said that the last signal they got from Flament’s phone was from a cell tower near Olera Heights the night she went missing.

Police searched the suspect’s apartments and reportedly recovered several of Flament’s belongings. The officers are working on the theory that someone killed Flament and dumped her body.

During a police search for Flament, last Thursday, Insp Rampallard of the Air Support Unit searched the agricultural lands off Reform Road, Gasparillo, with air surveillance equipment. While doing so, he found human remains among burnt tyres in a dumpsite. On Saturday, police returned and recovered teeth and more bones, which they believe came from the same person.