Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Iwer George and Machel Montano captured together outside the Brian Lara Cricket Academy ahead of their performance at Saturday morning’s Xperience Fete.

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Vincentian soca artiste, Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle helped broker peace between Machel Montano and Iwer George, following a season of rift in song last year.

Montano, during his performance at One Fete at the Queen’s Park Oval, confirmed that Fabulous urged the two soca stars to reconcile after there musical spat last year.

The revelation was made during the performance of Conch Shell, the recently released collaboration between Montano, George and Fabulous. It was the second time in the day that they had appeared on stage to do the song after the trio performed together at sunrise during the Xperience Fete at the Brian Lara Stadium car park earlier on Saturday.

Fabulous, real name Gamal Doyle had been a central figure in their spat last year as he had written the lyrics to “Dr Mashup”, the song Montano recorded in response to Iwer’s Road March Bacchanal 2018 which suggested George was robbed of the Road March title in 2018.

“This is not pretend. This is real men, being real men,” said Montano as he placed his hands on the shoulder of George.

“Big up the St Vincent flag in the front. Make some noise for Skinny Fabulous. Last year he say Machel, we need to bring the family together,” he said, “So we was family but a little brother had to get mashup. George, you is a little brother.”

“Yuh know I love yuh,” said Iwer in response.

“And I love you too. From back in the days, long time. We burying the hatchet here right now,” said Montano

Montano then gave way to George, supporting him as he performed his hits “Carnival Come Back Again”, “Let Me See Yuh Hand” and “Come to Meh”.

Montano also took time to clarify his announcement concerning this year’s Machel Monday being the last, refuting speculation that he was also going to quit music entirely.

“Somebody call me the other day and tell me I hear yuh gonna stop singing. I don’t understand, I ever say that? What did I say? The last Machel Monday,” said Montano who also immediately responded to one audience member’s assertion that the concert will be back next year by referring to social media joke about the Indian Expo.

Earlier in the night Swappi also gave way to another veteran, bringing out the Baron during his performance at One Fete, allowing the crowd to hear the classic crooner belt out the original “Feeling It” which Swappi remade, and other hits from his repertoire.

Voice followed Swappi, who entranced the audience with a solo performance of the runaway hit Dear Promoter and several of his other songs before introducing his “Dear Promoter” collaborator Kees Dieffenthaller to close his set with the song.

Kees then kept the audience captivated with his other runaway hit Boss Lady, followed by series of his other hits old and new, although rain threatened to pull the crowd away from the stage during his performance.

One Fete had returned after a six-year absence from the Carnival calendar and had drawn a solid crowd.