Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle is the unmistakably energetic soca artiste with the distinctive baritone voice from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Skinny Fabulous has penned some soca hits like “Happiest Man Alive” in 2014 and “Famalay” with Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano in 2019, a track that won the Road March title for that year as well.

One of my favourite songs from him is “I Love You,” a duet with Montano this year. I believe this song encapsulates the growth experienced by both singers over the years.

Like many other aspects of life, the music industry is currently going through a period of growth and adjustment due to COVID-19. I love to see improvement in people’s lives. If you don’t have growth, how can you build upon your substance?

So let us get into the life of Skinny Fabulous on a motivational level. He says the word of wisdom he follows is to live your life like it is your last day. He does not believe in procrastination, so that means he is always giving his best in whatever he does. According to him, COVID-19 taught him a lesson on how to balance his family time. But he learned to work within his limit too. Therefore, he sees results after COVID in learning to appreciate his family time, as it was an epiphany in his own life. The soca star also explained that every obstacle he has overcome has helped to make him stronger as a person. With confidence, he declared that every day belongs to you and you are the controller of the day by what you do.

Skinny Fabulous believes he is not out of the woods when it comes to challenges. He has realised none of us can safely say we have defeated our challenges, but what we can learn is that they can make us stronger in life…strong words we should live by. Asked what would make him happy, he simply stated progress. If we assess the word progress, it’s a great way of self to think about… On why it was important to keep your joy, Skinny Fabulous, in a very poetic way, asked if he didn’t do it, who was going to do it for him? So it is up to you to find that joy inside and not kill the joy of others.

Joy can come easily by giving love and happiness to everyone. It was a pleasure interviewing Skinny Fabulous because he has proven that going down a different road can be tough but it can be rewarding if you stay on your course, knowing what you want to do. He surely did that in the way he has penned his songs differently in comparison to other artistes, with his very own dance in plain view!

How can you live your life without joy? As you read this, you should be thinking of the things you do that make you happy. Focus on that and appreciate the moments with family, as Skinny Fabulous has noted. Challenges make us stronger and together we can find our joy to become a better society.

I understand it is becoming difficult to be happy during this time, especially with the recent spike of COVID-19 cases. Thank you for reading and tracking with me! With some faith and prayer, we can get through this together…So let us become fighters and fight against this pandemic with God in view as He shines the way to our lives again. That is my sincere request and prayer…