Members of the public register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at SAPA yesterday.



Vaccinations have slowed down drastically in South Trinidad, with only 1,300 people being vaccinated at 35 centres managed by the Southwest Regional Health Authority on Tuesday.

Previously, between 4,000 to 5,000 vaccinations would have been done at the height of the vaccination period.

All 31 health centres, three public health institutions, SAPA and Powergen have been opened up to facilitate vaccinations. Data compiled from Tuesday vaccinations show only 1,300 people received their jabs.

With the drastic slowdown, Guardian Media visited some of the sites yesterday and interviewed some of the people who turned up for vaccines.

Chaitram Moonilal, who went to the Debe Health Centre to get a Pfizer vaccine, said, “I am not comfortable but I trying to please everyone, at home and in the Government too.”

He added, “I am concerned about the vaccination because you know people were talking about how sick they feel. But my family keep asking me and so I say better I just go and take it and done. But I hope I don’t get sick,” he added.

At the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts, the tent outside of the vaccination area was empty. Only a few people were seen entering the facility. The same was seen at the Marabella Health Centre, where only a few people turned up for vaccines.