Arima MP Lisa Morris-Julian,left, and Arima North East Candidate for the Local Government bye-elections Dr Juliet Hilary Bernand, show their voting fingers outside the Arima Government Secondary School, yesterday.

Voters trickled in the electoral district of Arima Central for yesterday’s bye-election yesterday morning.

The district was vacated by former Mayor Lisa Morris Julian when she was elected as D’Abadie O’meara Member of Parliament in last year’s General Election.

She was among those who opted to vote early, arriving before 8 am to cast her ballot and support the People’s National Movement candidate for the electoral district Dr Juliet Hilary Bernard, at the Arima Central Secondary School

“The poll clerks, the presiding officer they made it relatively easy, the sanitizing process is now of second nature so everybody knows what they have to do and I was out there in about five minutes and I’m here to vote for my colleague and friend,” said Morris-Julian while showing off her stained index finger.

Dr Bernard was very confident that she would succeed Morris-Julian as the area’s councillor.

“I’m feeling extremely positive, God be the glory the Arima Central burgesses will be well served,” she said, shortly after casting her vote.

Lines were far from long at the polling stations, with the few early voters stating they hoped to beat the after-work rush.

However, a few like pie vendor Yhaaron Walkins, who calls himself the “Pie Minister”, saw a dual opportunity.

“So what happened I had my business, so I say persons would be here fluctuating by the plenty so I just came and I cast my vote at the same time,” said Walkins.

The bye-election also provided a first-time opportunity for some like Kewanna Peters to know what it feels like to cast a ballot.

“(It was) quick and easy, I like it very much. I will keep doing it again, for support,” said Peters who explained she was inspired to vote by her mother who she said, “vote every year.”

United National Congress candidate Sheldon Garcia voted at the Arima Central Government Primary School shortly before 12 pm.

He was accompanied by MPs Khadijah Ameen and Saddam Hosein.