A Smaltee shown here at the Queen’s Park Savannah

Non-alcoholic malt beverage Smalta has launched a new trendsetting interactive mobile game called “Smalta Quest” where kids and parents/guardians alike can win amazing prizes and experience a world of fun and excitement using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The objective of Smalta Quest explains Marsha Kalloo, category manager of low or no alcohol, ANSA McAL Beverage Sector is to create a truly experiential brand journey by encouraging consumers to engage with the Smalta brand through the use of innovative technology and gamification.

She said, “This is the first time an AR mobile game will be used on our shores. It is an exciting time. As an organisation we always strive to be innovation leaders in the market, so we are extremely enthused to launch such a disruptive and inventive campaign. The Smalta Quest game will generate engagement within our core target audience in a smart, fun and incredibly safe way through the use of augmented reality which incorporates three key features—a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and visuals.

The AR game challenges its users to search for unique digital objects called “Smaltees” which are the adorable and fun Smalta characters. These “Smaltees characters” are well placed digitally throughout strategic locations in T&T and once a player collects all five of the Smalta characters, they will become eligible to win a prize.

Kalloo noted, “In the midst of a challenging year, Smalta Quest is designed to enthrall everyone, kids, teenagers and adults. Smalta is using this opportunity to reward consumers with great family prizes and take children and parents on a fantastic and safe adventure. Smalta Quest will encourage family time by challenging families to search and collect the Smalta characters across T&T.”

Kalloo explained that there is over $125,000 in prizes to be won and consumers can play the game for free. Ten lucky players will win $5,000 cash while 60 persons will win grocery vouchers valued at $500 each and 20 persons will win tablets plus 100 winners will be rewarded with Free Smalta.

Smalta Quest is a web-based game that can be accessed through smaltaquest.com or by scanning the QR code found in the Smalta ads. The campaign runs September 20 to October 31 and Smalta Quest will be available for all users from September 20.

Users can also learn how to play the game and stay up-to-date by following children influencers: Jelan Mohammed, Xaiya Morris, Francesca Dwarika,  Zachary Orr and Adesh Rampersad on their Instagram platforms and by following Smalta TT on Facebook and Instagram.