Kelvin Charles, political leader of the Tobago Council of the PNM and wife Catherine Anthony-Charles smile after voting at Bethesda Multipurpose Facility on Sunday.

Camille McEachnie

Chairman of the Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement Supervisory Election Committee Alvin Pascal says voting in the council’s election got off to a “smooth” and “steady” start today.

“So far, the process is smooth. We are only hearing about a few issues,” he told Guardian Media.

He continued: “You are hearing about peoples’ names, not on the list. or they did forget to walk with identification cards, and wherever this happens, we have found a solution.”

Asked about the accuracy of the list, he said the election’s supervisory council is working with a list generated by the council’s office.

“All the candidates in this election were responsible for putting the list together. We on the committee had nothing to do with it. I want the public to understand that clearly.”

Asked whether persons can vote at more than one polling station he said, “It’s hardly likely.”

“The voter’s name is on a general list to vote in a specific area. You can only vote in the area where you are registered.”

Meanwhile, all the persons contesting the post for the council’s political leadership have already voted.

The incumbent Kelvin Charles voted at the Bethesda Multipurpose Facility, Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus -Signal Hill Community center, Joel Jack- John Dial Multipurpose Facility and Tracy Davidson-Celestine in Argyle Community Center.

According to the Tobago Council, more than 10,000 persons are registered to vote in its internal elections at 13 polling stations across the island. The polls opened at 8 am and will close at 6 pm.