Because the years 2015-2020 were what we call guava season years for Trinis and Tobagonians, when life was hard as dry banga courtesy a government that lacked the qualification (as of experience of running a roadside parlour) and competence for managing money, for generating revenue without shoving its hands down the pockets of its citizens in its pickpocket sense of economics, most people saw Rowley’s PNM as a one-term government.

In fact, so abysmal was governance in every sphere of national life that every so often Kamla would shriek out, “call election now” certain that victory would be hers if an election was called.

While she had nothing in place to face the polls except blind optimism and the goading of her bull-is-full sycophants who showered her with such praises as best PM ever; Kamla refused to use the strategy necessary in the war ahead.

She refused to make the Senate the political nursery from which she would source her future candidates. Instead, she persisted with Wade Mark, for example, who was of no use to the UNC in this election, but who occupied place of prominence for five long years in the Senate—a position which might have been given to somebody in one of the marginals so as to heighten that person’s name and face recognition in 2020.

Isn’t that right, Nakhid and Hunt—just the two of you who would have won and given the UNC 21 seats and victory?

Instead, all Kamla was bothered about was to ensure that her political pets got the seats they wanted and who vex loss.

Apart from the sycophants who continue to support Kamla despite her losses, lots of logical-thinking UNC supporters are adamant that she must go; that she should do the dignified and altruistic thing and bow out and make room for new leadership; that even if she is re-elected by her handpicked sycophants it would be a pyrrhic victory that would further destroy the UNC.

With Kamla in the UNC, there is no way forward for the party. The Indian woman belonged in the mythology of the virtuous Mother Sita and Mother Lakshmi, who existed as the embodiment of purity.

And while for a glimpse in time—in 2010—Kamla was seen as an incarnation of that legend, thereafter, Kamla with the image of her vodka and cigarette smoking meme became the Indian version of the Jezebel-ish Mata Hari, giving not only herself but all Indian women the image of having been there and done that and that nothing is wrong, that all is fair in politics, Sodom and Gomorrah and Kamla’ house of the Rising Sun.

The UNC has to be restored to its pristine dignity when with, say, disciplinarian Ramesh Maharaj, the PNM would not have been able to point fingers at it for such misconduct.

Too much negative baggage is associated with it; too much shenanigans are accepted as the norm and those involved having the blessings of Kamla must not only go, disappear, but must do so taking with them their benefactress—if only for the party and the national good.