RESSCOTT Ltd founder and managing director Graeme Jones demonstrates the brightness of the LED lights.


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Eager to ensure that children without electricity do not fall through the cracks, a San Fernando entrepreneur has devised solar energy packages for online classes.

The packages range between $9,000 to $12,000 and include everything a child might need to successfully juggle blended learning.

In an exclusive interview with Guardian Media, managing director of RESSCOTT Limited, Graeme Jones, says he decided to offer low priced packages because of the number of children who are missing out on their education.

“We are an engineering company and we engineer and design solar systems. Many families do not have electricity or any power source so we came up with an energy package for online schooling,” he said.

He added, “The dynamics of school have changed and we are now specifically offering this online Solar School package which includes a laptop computer, lights. wifi router, internet access and internet inter alia.” Jones said.

He expressed disappointment that the renewable energy sector has been sidelined for many years.

Saying there should be better utilization of natural gas, Jones said investment in clean energy will go a long way in decarbonizing T&T.

While he expressed support for the lightbulb initiative, Jones said more could be done.

“I hope that more incentives can be offered. Although there are lots of large projects taking place, we need to see changes in the domestic side of things. We have a budget coming up so hopefully, we can see something there. We are calling on the government to offer a tax credit for solar systems and this will go a long way in having more implementation which will help T&T reach our goal of decarbonization,” he added.

He noted that the issue of foreign exchange has impacted negatively in the sector.

“The distribution of 1.6 million LED bulbs, per household it would not imp[act on the cost of your utility bill but on the wider scale of things we can expect carbon energy reduction in the tens of millions. With the drive to reduce carbon emissions and decarbonize our nation, we can implement a lot more things” Jones said.

He said that the government needs to capitalize on solar power.

“In the domestic category, there need to be more incentives. We can learn a lot from other areas in the Globe and adopt similar measures here. Simple business models and I think that the government should lobby for this change,” he added.

He recommended that foreign exchange be granted to operators of renewable energy.

“Government should release foreign exchange funds to ensure a more adequate supply of these systems,” he added.

Jones who has been ion the energy sector for 10 years said he decided to start RESSCOTT five years ago because he wanted T&T to engage in clean energy.

“We are paving the way towards a decarbonized future for our country. As part of the solar industry we are hoping to improve electrification domestically,” he added.

Jones said apart from solar-energy engineering, services, designs and consultancies, the company also offers solar water heating designs for domestic and commercial purposes and LED lighting projects for warehouses and domestic. We sell CCTV cameras and surveillance, access control for industrial clients.”

He noted that apart from his solar packages, his company has reached out to help families who are unable to get a T&TEC connection.

Anyone interested in the packages can contact RESSCOTT at 688-9950 / 366-2472 / 470-3507.