Over 1 million people are eligible to vote today and with heavy rains over the weekend, many are hoping for clear skies as they line up at polling booths.

As the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) moved southward last night, it is expected to linger just south of Trinidad throughout today.

Activity with the ITCZ tends to peak between 12 am and 6-8 am and again from 12 pm through 3-4 pm.

Across Tobago, voters can expect mostly settled and sunny skies through the entire day into the night. Across Trinidad, a mostly sunny morning is anticipated across both islands but by 10 am -12 pm.

The country is likely to see a few showers developing across parts of Southern and Western Trinidad.

After midday through the afternoon, isolated thunderstorms are possible across parts of Southern and Western Trinidad. This is when street/flash flooding is possible, particularly across Southern Trinidad.

Conditions will settle into the evening but another Tropical Wave will begin to affect T&T by late night with showers mainly affecting Eastern and Southern Trinidad after 10 pm – 12 am, increasing in intensity and coverage mainly across Trinidad into Tuesday.