PR Joseph Lopez greets Yolandra John-Edwards on her return on January 19 at the Piarco International Airport.

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The Mrs World Beauty pageant was held on January 15 and although our delegate Yolandra John-Edwards did not place among the finalists, she was selected to be the Mrs World Ambassador for the year.

From as early as next month, John-Edwards is expected to make her way around the world, visiting countries to be that voice and inspiration to the underprivileged, the elderly, and women in general.

The South beauty queen was also one of 45 delegates from the pageant to form part of the contingent of top models in the New York City fashion week on February 12 and be part of the BET Beauty Awards in May.

John-Edwards said she had a rough lead-up to the show here in Trinidad, but when she got to Las Vegas it was smooth sailing.

While she’s not clear how she was entrusted with the prestigious title of Mrs World Ambassador she thinks it could have been her Beauty with a Purpose drive.

“The journey to the pageant was a bit rough in Trinidad but when I got to Las Vegas and met the women from different countries around the world, sharing different culture and ethnicity, it was something I would cherish. All these women; we have one goal and that one goal is to inspire women across the world. I have no idea why I got the ambassador title; I think it was because of the initiative that I began. The organization has been following me for some time. And during my interview, my primary focus was to inspire women and to work with women to be better leaders and to be better of themselves, and to be stronger and more independent. That has been my campaign.”

John-Edwards returned on January 19 and was over-joyed to see her two children. She said this was the longest she had ever been away from them. She said she would encourage women to take part in pageants and if allowed to enter the show again, she would do it.

Mrs World 2022 is Mrs America Shaylyn Ford.