The Southern Wholesale market in Debe closed in preparation for yesterday’s sanitisation.

The Southern Wholesale market in Debe was sanitised yesterday, days after a vendor was evicted by police for failing to self-quarantine.

Since this incident, other vendors have been calling for total sanitisation of the market.

When Guardian Media visited the market on Monday, tables were upturned and produce had already been carted out.

A source said a meeting was held with the market manager Steve Baboolal and a decision was taken to sanitise the market on Tuesday.

On Sunday, a popular long-standing market vendor, was escorted by police out of the market after it was found that she failed to self-quarantine following her return from Canada.

The vendor, who was heard coughing, reportedly returned to the country on Friday but came to sell her goods against the advice of her family.

A report was made to the market manager Steven Baboolal but vendors said no attempts were made to remove her.

It was then that the vendors contacted their MP Dr Roodal Moonilal who lodged a complaint with Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

A team of officers arrived at the market and questioned the vendor who said she came back from abroad 12 days ago.

However, the police advised her to pack up her goods. She was given a mask and gloves.

She was then escorted out of the market. The police officers advised the vendor to engage in self-quarantine and warned that she could be charged if she refused to comply.

Over the past few weeks, markets across the country have been sanitised because of COVID-19.

New security measures have been put in place to prevent more than 10 people from entering the Marabella, San Fernando and Princes Town markets at one time.

Market hours have also been scaled down and a schedule arranged to have periodic sanitisation.