Christmas Eve fire in Castara - The George's family home on the Castara Main Road, which was gutted by fire on Christmas Eve 2020. (Image: CAMILLE McEACHNIE)

After a Castara family faced its fourth fire in five weeks, social media users are speculating about the cause of the fires.

Fire Service officials say the first three fires at the home of Gloria George are still under investigation.

“This can’t be coincidental,” one Facebook user writes.

Another suggests getting the family “deliverance…spiritually or physically…get them out of the island bro or they may not be alive to tell the story”.

The comments trail an initial announcement about the fourth fire by one of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) leaders, Farley Augustine.

On January 5th, Farley posted:

“So we are at fire number 4. Same family, fourth dwelling place. This beyond exhausting now.”

Of the third fire, he had posted:

“Help me pray for Ms. Gloria and her family in Castara. This is their third incident…They need our collective prayers and best energies.”

However, Divisional Fire Officer David Joseph-Thomas told Guardian Media the cause of the first three fires is still under investigation.

He confirmed the fourth fire.

“We were told that there was a fire, but the neighbours put it out. We will visit the home today,” he told Guardian Media on January 6th.

He said he is not speculating whether the cause of the fire is spiritual.

“We only deal with facts, and we are still investigating the first three fires,” he told Guardian Media.

On Christmas Eve, the family lost their home on the Castara Main Road.  That fire occurred days after another family’s home was burnt a short distance away.

Last Sunday, there was another fire at a rented property in Castara. The family moved to another rented property in Parlatuvier, which caught fire on January 5th.