Vera Gurabie

A Matura mother of three was killed during an argument with a close relative, said to be a Special Reserve Policeman, yesterday.

Vera Gurabie, 29, died minutes after her throat was slit and she was stabbed several times in her home during a fight with the man, who is attached to a station in the Eastern Division.

The woman’s children screamed for help during the altercation and got the attention of neighbours, who rushed to the woman’s home. However, by the time neighbours got there Gurabie was already dead. Neighbours immediately contacted the Matura police to report the incident.

However, moments later, the officer went to the nearby Matura Police Station, told officers what had happened and surrendered.

Police reported that around 4.30 pm yesterday, the officer walked into the station to report the incident. Officers then accompanied their colleague to the crime scene on Church Street, where they found Gurabie lying in a pool of blood in her yard.

Police were told the SRP picked up a kitchen knife during the attack and dealt Gurabie several stabs and slit her throat. Gurabie attempted to flee her attacker but only managed to reach a short distance outside before collapsing in the yard.

Members of the community were shaken up by the incident. However, they claimed Gurabie was often abused and had often complained to some of them about it. They said she had also lodged several complaints to the police.

Neighbours described Gurabie as a quiet, likeable person and asked when the senseless brutality against women would stop.

Matura police officers secured the crime scene and officers from Arouca Homicide Bureau Region II processed area. A blood-stained knife was seized by investigators and the alleged killer was arrested and taken away.

The District Medical Officer viewed the body and ordered its removal to Sangre Grande Hospital Mortuary, from where it will be taken to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for an autopsy today.

Visiting the scene were Senior Superintendent Aguilal, ASPs Gabriel Joseph, Revanales and CID officers.

Gurabie’s killing was one of two yesterday, pushing the count to 275.

In the other incident, a relative was detained for questioning in the death of fruit and vegetable vendor Amar Hardeen, 34, who was shot dead at his stall at Madras Junction in Cunupia yesterday morning.According to a police report, at about 8.05 am Sgt Basant and a team of Central Division Task Force officers responded to reports of a shooting at a fruit stall. When they got there they found Hardeen dead. He was shot several times about the body. Police said they were told seconds before the shooting a vehicle pulled up alongside the stall, a man got out and shot Hardeen several times before escaping in the vehicle.Hardeen lived at Madras Extension Cunupia and was described as a “hardworking young man” by residents in the area.

Police said a 20-year-old man who is a “close associate” of Hardeen was subsequently arrested after a preliminary investigation at the crime scene. Police said they found a loaded pistol with a magazine on the suspect. The weapon will be sent for ballistic testing.The two killings took the murder count to 275. Investigations are continuing.(With reporting by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant)