Gerald Aboud

Maraval wash away yesterday!

Flash flooding in Maraval from yesterday afternoon’s thunderstorm caused the Maraval River to be transformed into a swift raging brown water torrent, turning streets into water courses and “waterfalls” and forcing cars to crawl through water several feet high.

The river rushed by at raging speed past its bordering wall, almost half the height of walls.

Streets like Eckle Avenue were transformed into impassable torrents of brown fast flowing water.

An overturned vehicle was spotted being swept away by the river.

Starlite Group CEO Gerald Aboud, who shared video and other shots of the dramatic scenes, pointed to damage and debris in several areas, including near Adams and Starlite in Maraval

Aboud said, “We were on the road when the rain began but the intensity of the showers told me we needed to get to higher ground. From our vantage point, we just watched that river roll past and rage, the water whipped up waves like rough sea current.”

He added, “If that rain had gone on for 20 minutes more, Maraval would have been under water – it was that bad in that short a space of time.”