Shammi Persad (left) and Azardeen Mohammed, brother of Shaffick Mohammed who was chopped in the head at his home in Woodland, show Shaffick’s clothes covered in blood.

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A State witness in a murder trial and his brother are warded at the San Fernando General Hospital after being attacked at their Woodland home on yesterday morning.

Shaffick Mohammed, a witness in a 2018 murder case and Sadiq Mohammed, 28, were asleep at their New Village Extension home in Woodland when a grey van pulled up and four men jumped out.

Eyewitness Anthony Branker said the assailants came with cutlasses, big stone and bottles and began harassing the brothers around 7 am.

“Everybody living here in peace and these people come with their wickedness and start to chop those boys. Those men who came to attack the twins were drunk. It have no justice in this place. Those fellas chop the boy and split open his head,” Branker said.

He said Mohammed picked up a luchette and tried to defend himself but the assailant chopped him on the left arm and on the head.

“I take out my jersey and wrapped it around his head. I called his family and tell them come and take him to the hospital,” Branker said.

The neighbour said they were looking forward to making a cook on Sunday to celebrate the birthday of the twin’s elder brother Raffie.

Another brother Azardeen Mohammed said the fracas started out of an ongoing dispute.

He said on Saturday night Shaffick and a neighbour went to the home of his ex-wife at Jackson Street, La Fortune, Woodland, to pick up his children so they could attend his brother’s birthday party.

While there, someone came out and began threatening Shaffick. He left the area and came back home. The morning after, the men came back.

“The same grey van that was there pulled up this morning and those men came out and attack my brothers,” Azardeen said.

Residents from the area said it was not the first time that the Mohammed brothers were involved in a dispute with the assailants.

“This thing going on long time. There is a drug lord in the area who controlling all these boys. He gives them drugs in return to be lookouts for when they bringing up drugs up the river,” the source said.

The drug lord who runs a legitimate business as a cover has been paying bribes to police officers. The names of four officers were called.

A sister of the injured men said they were distressed over the development and were afraid for their lives. She said a police officer who was at the hospital used obscene language when speaking to the family.

“We are in fear. Right now the police taking a statement but my brother is not in a good condition to give any statement because he has a fractured skull and has to undergo surgery,” she said.

Officers from the San Fernando Police Station and the La Romaine police Station are continuing investigations.